My offerings are lovingly brought to life and drafted with intention. My vision is to encourage us to live a better now. I believe that this comes through creating more space for love within us. Becoming home.

Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — Buddha


My yoga journey started in Shanghai where I got into yoga as a movement practice. This has changed over time and I have found yoga to be my anchor for my life. I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Kula Collective in December 2020 and have taught yoga classes in Guatemala, Costa Rica & Germany. I love sharing yoga as a holistic practice, moving with the breath. Yoga became a lifestyle for me. What excites me is moving body & mind together. Moving in union. I love ashtanga, vinyasa & yin practices. I mostly offer vinyasa flows or restaurative yoga in class, sprinkled with a bit of self enquiry on top balancing with mindfulness and lightness. My vinyasa flows focus more muscle movement to build strength. My restorative flows focus on muscle stretching and relaxation to create space for the fascia. I love melting into the body and flowing with the earth. I teach in Cologne Germany at Co Yoga, give private classes online on Zoom or vis-à-vis or share yoga on festivals. Breathing is an integral part of yoga for me – I completed my first Vipassana course 2022 in Mexico and feel even more passionate about integrating breathing and being into my yoga sessions.


I facilitate workshops, heart & women’s circles on different topics which are related to self enquiry and holistic living. The question that excites me is how can I create more space for love and fall in love with my reality?

1:1 Sessions

Who do you want to become? If this is a question that excites you – great. I can facilitate a process that allows you to prioritise the things in your life that help you grow into who you want to become. Step by step. Maybe you experience a phase of unclarity where it is hard to set priorities and navigate towards what is nurturing you or it is hard to find what feels good. We pick up from where you stand today, no matter where that is, and identify what is holding you back from reaching your goals and living the reality you want to live. Together we look at body, mind & heart and identify opportunities for you. Contact me for details, let’s schedule a 15 minute exploration call to chat about your situation.


Send me a message if you would like to hear more about my offerings.